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Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Main Bazar Road
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Onkar Singh & Sons

All kinds of  Jewellery
Exclusive Collection of Wedding Jewellery
 Making Great Quality of Custom Designs


Onkar Singh & Sons Jeweller (OSSJ) was founded by the pioneering efforts of Late S. Gurdip Singh Sadioura. The empire was born after partition of 1947 when he started on a meagre note and soon become a renowned name in the state for quality services & pure gold to his clients., Under the able leadership of Onkar Singh Sadioura (Elder son) and Jaspal Sadioura (Younger son) firm has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself.

Our eyes are clearly on the future we are going to open more branches in punjab in coming years. We use a state of the art manufacturing units that brings new innovation to jewelery making, putting the art and purity of jewels above all else…
also to give the customer much more than what he wants and asks for in jewellery retailing in all the key areas of quality,value for money, transparency and customer service through innovative means and tools which in turn make onkar jeweler the most trusted jeweller in area.


What is Pure Gold?
As per the international standard the 99.99 % pure gold is called as 24 Kt gold, a very soft metal. It is very hard and impractical to use pure gold in making designer jewellery. Hence for the durability and strength of the jewellery, gold is mixed with some other metal in required proportion

What are alloys?
Most Common gold alloys used to make jewellery are:
Gold Purity (%) Gold Caratage (Kt)
91.6 22 Kt
75 18Kt
58.5  14 Kt
OSSJ specialise in 916 hallmark jewellery.

What do 91.6 stand for?
It is hard to make designer jewellery from pure gold hence the most common gold alloy used in jewellery is 22 Kt gold. It signifies that it is 91.6% pure gold with some other metals. Because of 91.6 % gold purity rating name 916 pure gold has been accepted internationally as standard.

Do we export?
At the moment we are focusing ourselves to local Indian market but if requested we can arrange to export.
Do we supply bulk orders or do we do wholesales?
We are happy to listen and supply bulk orders or whole sale. Our professional staffs are proficient and capable of meeting any targets to supply bulk order in timely manner

What is Hallmarked Jewellery?
The procedure of assessing the purity of gold by a proficient and competent authority is known a hallmarking. It verifies that the jewellery is as per the international and national standard of purity. The Bureau of Indian standard (BIS) carry out the certification of jewellery as per IS 1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys Indian Standard.

All certified jewellery has a BIS logo, fineness no. and mark of BIS recognised hallmarking centre.

Therefore, we accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Pay TM
  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit
  • Interest Free Financing

Orders can be made online via our secure ordering system, over the phone or by visiting our store.

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Visit Us :
Mr. Karandeep Singh
Mo. +91 – 98727 – 55101
Landlines :
Ph. 01637-262982, 500370

Main Bazar, Malout- 152107 (Pb.)

Onkar Singh & Sons
Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Main Bazar Road
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