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Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Gandhi Chowk
Opening Hours
  • Monday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Tuesday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Wednesday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Thursday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Friday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Saturday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Sunday :Close

Ranjeet Jewellers

A huge variety of every kind of ornaments is available here !!

Welcome to the world of Ranjeet Jewellers, where all things bright, beautiful & precious find place. based in malout.
Our focus on purity & continuous reinvention in designs has won us the love and trust of people not only in malout
but from the entire india & from NRI’s abroad. with longstanding reputation for reliability and integrity, our endeavour is to provide the best in all respects and provide a complete shopping experience for the entire family.

The Trusted &  the oldest Jewellery House

Ranjeet Jewellers is an iconic brand, trusted by people across generations for its perfect quality, best service and excellent workmanship. Ranjeet Jewellers – the name itself is enough to guarantee the promise of purity to customers.

why should i trust spectrometer for gold purity testing?
The Spectrometer, also known as karat meter, tests the purity of gold without cousing any harm to the jewellery item. it is extremely fast, and results are obtained immediately. It can identify all elements or metals in the jewellery item along with their respective weight composition.

These results are operator independent, so different people using the system will get the same results. The karat meter is recognized by world Gold Council for testing of Gold.

Therefore, we accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Pay TM
  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit
  • Interest Free Financing

Orders can be made online via our secure ordering system, over the phone or by visiting our store.

Credit card purchases must be Verified by Visa or American Express Safekey prior to shipping.

Because the price of our international selection fluctuates from day to day with the exchange rate, the price payable will be the price shown on the day that the deposit is paid.

Because we are one of only a handful of retailers so that our prices are not negotiable.

We would love to here from you!

Mr. Sandeep Soni
+91 97790 – 62560
Mr. Narin
der Soni
+91 84378 – 62560

Gandhi Chowk, Malout (Pb.)

Ranjeet Jewellers
Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Gandhi Chowk
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