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Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Indra Road
Opening Hours
  • Monday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Tuesday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Wednesday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Thursday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Friday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Saturday :10.00 AM TO 08.00 PM
  • Sunday :Closed

Pooja Jewellers

All Kinds of Gold, Diamond & Silver Jewellery


Pooja Jewelers are a family run business in Malout. We have been selling all kinds of jewellery over the many years to our customers. We have over the years built up loyalty and trust with our clients and we today are one of the most trusted brands in the retail jewellery trade in Malout.

Our website has been set to showcase our range of jewelry and all the images that you see here are our very own pieces. At Pooja jewellers, we are proud of our commitment to providing our clients with high standard diamond and gold jewellery. Our collections have been designed in the modern as well as traditional Indian style. A lot of out jewellery is made by our own workers and we do not compromise on quality.

Started by Lt. Col. Bansi Lal and now run by his son Ashok Verma & Rahul Verma has steadily grown into one of Malout’s most reliable jewellery stores over the years. Our patrons come back due to the trust and personalized client service that we have come to be known for.

We welcome you to have a look at our range of jewelry. Do visit us as well, we will be happy to show you our fine jewellery and service your needs in this respect.


Our stores are welcoming and professional, and you’ll be treated with the value and respect you deserve. We’ll share our precious diamonds and jewellery expertise with you to help feel comfortable with your transactions.


Ever want a one-of-a-kind piece made just for you? Our experienced jewelers will help design and create whatever your heart desires. Come in today to plan the piece of your dreams!


Bring your diamonds, gold or other jewellery to us to have them evaluated and carefully assess each of your pieces to provide the most accurate value.

Ashok Verma
+91- 98158 – 60114
Rahul Verma
+91- 84277 – 77764

Indra Road, MALOUT-152107 (Pb.)

Pooja Jewellers
Listing Type : Jewellers
Location : Indra Road
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